Politics Smolitics

I’ve noticed a theme in many of my sessions recently – this new presidency is triggering anxiety and panic attacks. Many people can’t help but be glued to the news, reading article after article, like when you can’t take your eyes off a tragic car accident. That’s when panic strikes and anxiety levels heighten.

Do you stop reading and ignore what’s going on around you? Or do you continue to torture yourself and succumb to the endless reading materials on the current state of affairs?

Know your limits. If you can only handle 2 hours of current events, cut yourself off before it gets any worse.

Positive news. Try reading “A+,” a website that promotes positive journalism to inspire social and personal change. I stumbled upon it the other week and find it to be a feel good, easy read. www.aplus.com

Another similar site is Huffington Post’s Good News.

Move a muscle, change a thought. A client used this phrase and it stuck with me. Does the political climate evoke a bunch of emotions in you? Take that energy and do something about it. One idea is to try www.dailyaction.org. By texting “DAILY” to 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N) and entering your zip code, you will get one text a day about a local urgent issue and instructions on what you can do about it.

The Inevitable

To many, today is election day or for Connecticut kids it means a day off school. To me, November 4th will forever be a difficult day as it is the day my mom died from cancer. In Chinese culture, you don’t talk about death because it’s bad luck. If someone’s sick and you try to discuss getting their affairs in order or try to say goodbye, the Chinese view it as a jinx. But the truth is: death is inevitable.

What I’ve found most interesting about death is the various ways people mourn. I think it’s safe to say that most visit the cemetery, put flowers on the gravestone, and pay their respects by saying a prayer or sending well wishes. But what if you don’t have a cemetery to go to?

I’ve started my own tradition to honor my mother by planting a tree in the yard on the anniversary of her death. It serves several purposes but mostly, it allows me to do something for this person I love so much, miss so dearly, and think about everyday. She continues to inspire me still today and every time I look at the trees I planted for her, it reminds me of everything that she taught me.

Today, I planted a Honey Maid Holly. (It gets tricky finding a plant in November that will survive the winter.) I chose a spot where it can be seen from the road so in the future, I will always be able to drive by and take a look at mom’s trees.

My First Post

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time. I’ve been talking about blogging for a long time.

Today, I begin my blog and write my very first post.


The past year has been a whirlwind of events. I started a new chapter of my life in New England and became a wife. My practice is gradually growing, and I am reminded time and time again what interesting, complex, and wonderful people are out there in the world.

Today, I went to the gym and tried out another new Zumba class. I like to try out different Zumba teachers so I can see how they all varying. They should have a RateMyZumbaInstructor website. Zumba may not be the most strenuous workout but it’s one of the few things that doesn’t make me dread going to the gym.

As I stood waiting for the class to begin, I noticed several elderly women in the row in front of me and by elderly I mean probably in their 70’s. I thought to myself, “Wow, if I am their age and still going to the gym, that would be something.” I was inspired by their commitment, their dedication, and their zest. During my workout, I pushed myself and made sure I was working as hard as those women were because if they can do it, surely so can I.

Near the last 15 minutes of class, I glanced outside the windows and watched the gym goers pass by. Then, I noticed an elderly man sitting on one of the weight lifting machines. He was wearing over-sized khaki pants (as most grandpas I know do), big white tennis shoes, a collared shirt, and a light jacket. He was leaning on a cane that was propped next to him, watching us, and smiling. My heart melted as I followed his gaze and realized he was watching one of the women in front of me. I quickly concluded that he was waiting for his wife to finish class so he could take her home with him. Again, I thought to myself, “If I have a husband who continues to wait for me at that age, that would be something.”

I could’ve stayed home today and did my handy dandy 7-Minute Workout but then I would’ve missed being empowered by 70-year-old Zumba dancing women and I would’ve missed witnessing true love and the devotion of husband and wife. That’s why it’s important to put yourself out there, go into your community, and do something for yourself because you never know, you might just learn something.