Drug & Alcohol Assessment


This is a comprehensive evaluation for individuals & family members seeking services for a substance abuse problem. This assessment can fulfill the drug and alcohol evaluation requirement necessary for court, drunk driving programs, the DMV, or other service providers.

A drug and alcohol assessment takes about 60-90 minutes to complete. It is done privately with the therapist and client, but clients may bring a friend or family member to listen and learn about the results of the assessment afterwards.



Clients are asked to report on their substance history, previous treatment, impact their substance use has had on their health, family, relationships, school, and/or work. Also, clients facing legal consequences should bring in any related documents and materials with them to the assessment. Everything remains confidential unless the client signs written permission to release information to a third party.



Depending on the situation, clients may be referred to individual counseling, group counseling, intensive outpatient program, inpatient rehab, or 12-step meetings. A combination of these options is likely.





$200 for the initial assessment. Insurance does not typically cover this assessment. Upon completion of your evaluation, you can choose to complete your recommended treatment with Lapde or seek counseling elsewhere if necessary.