“Lapde was a great therapist during my time with her. She genuinely cared about me and her other clients, always providing therapy in a kind and considerate manner. She is very patient and composed, never showing frustration or indifference even though therapy can be difficult at times. She really helped me, during office hours as well as outside the office.  My family and I will forever be grateful.”

— J.W., former client

“I saw Lapde for close to a year in Philadelphia and therapy really helped me with fears and anxieties about grad school as well as personal relationships with my partner and family. It helped me find coping strategies and it was a good way to get objective advice/perspective. I had only been to one other therapist before and it was short-lived–I didn’t think the person really understood what I was going through and didn’t make me feel comfortable, so I was a little hesitant to start again. However, Lapde made me feel at ease right away. She is a great listener, had several strategies for the issues I was going through, and always followed up. I stopped therapy because I moved out of the area, but still putting to use what I learned from our therapy sessions.”

— L.U., former client

“Lapde was strong, yet compassionate with my daughter and held her accountable for her actions.  As a parent, she was prompt and open (as she could be) with me. Lapde’s style was good for my daughter as she was genuinely concerned about her and took the time to listen and help her make better decisions. The fact that Lapde is strong, compassionate and genuinely cares for her clients sets her apart from others, she pushes for the client to move forward. She encouraged family counseling which is good because clients many times are rough on their families and when in a group setting situations can be addressed and dealt with in a much less combative way.  We tried to participate in family counseling as often as possible. Having a teenager in the addiction world is very hard on everyone and most times very overwhelming and scary.  Lapde always did her best to reign my daughter in and help guide her to see how addiction is taking over her life.”

— E.M., parent of a former client


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